5 inspirations de makeup pour être au top le week-end de pâques !!!


Un teint superbement bien travaillé, zéro défaut avec fond de teint + poudre libre ajoutez à cela un rouge prune mat irrésistible ! Sur les yeux un léger makeup ombré de prune marron foncé.

Un teint et des lèvres nudes + un fard à paupières taupe satiné au top !!!!

Un teint porcelaine + un glow de folie sur les points de lumières +mascara et lèvres rouge nude noisette superbe !!!!!

Un regard de biche avec un trait d’eyeliner sensuel + teint naturel + lèvres légèrement glossy.

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#LIMITLESS VIDEO OUT NOW I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the video… so here is what I wanted to say with it… There is a little girl or boy inside all of us who’s always there no matter how old we are and that little person is the one who’s always fighting and getting back up and helping us thru every moment. The one we need to protect but also keeps us optimistic and full of hope…The hill symbolized life itself and how when you’re born a woman from the get it’s an uphill battle it’s a struggle. At the beginning of the video I am standing there and there is a change in the weather and the lil girl in me is chasing after one of the leaves 🍁… the storm gets more intense…the girls in the RED hallway represent the women of today…a strong army of women on fire (red 👠 and tights) who are actually creating this storm!! This storm of change which eventually reaches all the way to the ocean 🌊 changing the world… they have realized their power, drawing on one another’s strength and removing a suit that doesn’t quite fit, revealing that they are stronger, more beautiful and more unstoppable together in unison and in their own skin…at the end of the video we find that what our girl was chasing all along, what she was searching for was always there inside of her. It was the realization that she and all the limitless power she could ever need is right there in her. Always was. Always will be… #limiltess #theonlythingstoppingyouisyou #SECONDACT

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Un teint effet summer + rouge orangé irrésistible + sur les paupières des couleurs chaudes.


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