Sélection beauté de la semaine



Fond de teint Water Fresh de chez Estee Lauder pour un teint frais et lumineux

La crème BB teint de chez Tarte Cosmetics

Concealer, anti cernes de chez Bobbi Brown

Fard à paupières Summer Solstice de chez Colour Pop Cosmetics

La collection Midnight Mermaid de chez Wet n Wild Beauty

La nouvelle palette de contouring de Kat Von D


Highlighter de chez Lancôme

Palette Eye conic de chez Marc Jacobs

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Have you met the Honey Love 🍯❤️? She is our triple-threat 3-in-1 beauty, taking skin exfoliation to the next level. She is my holy grail, must-have beauty for a softer complexion, fewer breakouts and a more even skin tone. I have been using her for 10 years, and I will never be without. Let's talk about her magic ✨ 〰 The Honey Love is a potent blend of superfood fruits, tonifying hibiscus 🌺, stimulating clays, raw Hawaiian Nectar 🍯 and finely ground microdermabrasion crystals 💎 She will gently, yet effectively, exfoliate the skin- dramatically improving the tone and texture of your skin while stimulating cellular renewal & deeply moisturizing 🙌 〰 Show your skin some Honey Love 1-3x a week and say aloha to an exceptionally soft, smooth and radiant complexion ❤️ (note: due to the use of raw, unrefined honey- the texture may change due to shifts in weather. This will not effect the efficiency of the product. Upon first use, simply stir very well 😉)

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L’exfoliant au miel de chez Leahlani Skincare

Poudre de soleil et pinceau Laura Mercier

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